Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today and before...

I made me a summer top out of some thin blend material I bought at a flea market.
It was fun to try new techniques.

The short sleeves are finished with bias tape on the inside of the armhole. 
It was different but I love the end result.
The collar is a slight cowl neck but it is hard to adjust on.
I'm going to make some changes and try to photograph it on.

Friday night LN had her soccer banquet in the school cafeteria.
It was catered by local restaurant.
She looked pretty and TALL.

Her and some of her closest soccer buddies.
She almost a year and sometimes 2 years younger than these girls.

The wedge 4" heels helped there.

She was awarded the MVP of her team and was happy with that honor.

Today was another county livestock show.
LN took her lambs and goat.
Pretty good day....

Her lamb "lumpy" won her class and then Champion Market Lamb.

Of course I was so excited I forgot to snap a picture at the moment that counted.
She received a embroidered  big duffle bag which she liked as camp is coming up.
Long good day, just me and my kiddo.... 
and a hundred other people with animals.

Anyone wondering why Lumpy has that name?

Lookey here!
He has this on his spine.
Not a cyst, or a tumor, or an abscess.

No blood or fluid inside.
We stuck a needle in 2 ways and drew nada.
Just a tissue or muscle mass is a guess.
I wasn't sure we should keep him to show.
I didn't want it held against him as it's smack dap in the middle of his back.
Does not affect his growth or health and judge liked him enough to give him Grand Champion.
So Lumpy stays and goes to state fair.

And finally the barn swallows are in full force.
I love their swooping and diving behind the barn.
They have 3-4 nests adhered to the barn rafters under the overhang.
I need to go sit quietly and get better pictures.
This was just a phone picture as I fed the horse.

Night all !!!


  1. Lots of kudos to your daughter for all her hard work. MVP? Wow! A real accomplishment considering she is younger than the rest of her team mates. Gorgeous white dress on a lovely girl.

    1. LOL I neglected to mention she's the only girl in the group picture on JV. All the others are juniors and on Varsity. She has played with them for years in middle school and has stayed friends with them.

  2. Forgot to say, I like the shape of the bottom of that top you made for yourself. Methinks LN was exposed to excellent sewing ability at your knee!

    1. The bottom hem shape and cowl like neck attracted me to this pattern. I fear LN has surpassed me.