Friday, July 31, 2015

Teaser Quickie

I'm home on wifi while I watch store and wash some clothes before returning to fair for last several days. 
Here's a quickie ...

Found after sloughing through waist high weeds trying to feed chickens.

LN is now 2015 Delaware Sheep and Wool Ambassador. She is standing with the governor, Dairy Queen and princesses and other state teen council officers which she is also one of.

R and LN one morning after pen cleaning collapsing in camper door cause my poor babies are tired.

LN made the sale with 2 hogs winning 1st in each class. Thank goodness as her lambs were shut out and goat story will take too long.

When her lamb wouldn't cooperate LN got creative. This was after hog show in 100' heat so she wasn't fooling around.

Leadline class she placed 2nd. 

State team council obligations wearing her green jacket. 

Fair is winding down and so is my post.
More when I have caught up on sleep, showers and ac next week.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shades of Green

Picked these...

Snapped these...

Now it's 12:30 but beans are done. Sleep till 6am then off to fair.
I'm tired.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Other half done...

I went back to bean row this morning picking and weeding as I went.

Done for now.

Beans snapped, blanched and frozen. Only 8 quarts but it's a start.

Progress is a good thing.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mortally ...

Wounded that is picking beans err I mean pigweed!

I was just walking through the beans and flipped a plant over and saw ready to go yummy beans.
But first I picked weeds out of the plants to find the yumminess.


I only finished half the row. It was getting too dark to see. Have to leave something for tomorrow ya know.

I also picked a few other veggies.

Today was beautiful.
About 80' with a nice breeze and no humidity. 90's called for all next week so I'm scrambling as usual.
I mowed the lawn and edges around animals as well as the market lamb pen.
The camper was wiped down inside and floors swept by LN. I packed dry goods for meals. It goes to be parked at fairgrounds tomorrow. LN put most of her show duds in as well as clothes for her speech, demonstration, hostessing, etc. Day to day clothes will have to wait. Neither of us can spare 10 days worth. We'll take them next week as we take her 4-h entries. 
Oh yea this happened this week...

She took her driving hours with her instructor. She then drove my truck all over the pasture with branches for burn pile and sweet corn for cows. She even backed up to wagon for me. She isn't afraid to drive now. In August she'll get her license and she's off ( with supervised driving for 6 months anyhow).
Car shopping awaits. Actually truck or jeep shopping.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


A lil project me and LN are working on.
I hope it turns out.

The garden is crazy.
Weeds are major in beans but with all the rain I don't want to mess around the plants. 

I'm planning on weeding when I harvest. We need sun to grow those beans. They are teeny tiny. I told them I have to go to fair in 2 weeks. Let's go!

The plants are abundant but the truth is ...

The weeds are too :/

The "pumpkins" I transplanted from the cowpen are thriving.

I'm just not sure they are pumpkins. Looks like butternut squash? I wonder if someone gave my cows squash because I threw them pumpkins. The flowers are enormous so I assumed they were pumpkins. So weird...
No big deal in reality I didn't plant butternuts and I was regretting that choice. 
Happy surprises either way!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Love Her <3

She's the best. 

Always brightens my day with each comment and thought.
I am nominating her for Surpreme Boobah! ( a kid term, very complimentary)
MamaPea ROCKS !
I'm late with this but the thoughts are the same.
I love her <3

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Growing fruit, veggies and kids...

Underneath the vines things are happening.

I'm not a watermelon girl and cantaloupe is fine but I don't get crazy about it. Both are doing well which is making S happy. He is crazy over both.
I'm still picking blueberries but the end is near. I'm filling the 5th gallon bag in the freezer from my 3 bushes so I'm pleased.
I'm sure next year I'll be crying over this post .
I'm being swapped with summer squash and zucchini. Any ideas for preservation of either except grating and freezing zucchini? 
Cucumbers are being picked daily. I'm eating them fresh and pickles are on the list. 
What else?
Oh yea tomatoes! They are creeping towards ripeness. I've picked a few but lots of green showing. I'm worried it'll all come ripe during fair 24th to 31st. If so I'll be gone. I'm hoping to throw some in freezer if it's the day before or of my departure. I'll thaw and make sauce after the chaos. I miss home canned tomato sauce. It's easy and tasty during the winter to pop a top and add to the menu. It's the main reason I plant a garden at all. That and cherry tomatoes.
The rest is gravy so to speak.
I received a call this morning after dropping LN off at her counseling camp job. Next week she starts her driving with an instructor at the Y. I'm so old. My baby is almost 16. 
What happened? I blinked ....

Monday, July 6, 2015

It begins

2 major vegetable growers within 5 miles of us have started picking sweet corn. This is the waste I feed my cows. Free and tasty to boot! I freeze it for us as well. I'll start that soon but right now just supper.

I'm sure LN will not mind since she hasn't been able to have corn on cob for last several years with braces. Tonight she gets revenge.
She's at a 4-h day camp this week as a counselor. Last week we hosted a girl from New York with our exchange program. It was a busy week. 

We went to DC for a day. The beach and Firt Miles for a day. Fort Delaware and tubing on the Brandywine for a day. Dover downs raceway, DE AG museum and Dover Air Gorce Base Museum for a day . Capped it off with fireworks, food, swimming and a movie. 

Busy , busy... No time to waste. Big push towards fair time. Hogs not gaining, may not make weight, so mad... Trying everything!
Crafts, sewing happening in "spare" time. Hahaha I crack me up :-)'

Pillow LN is working on for fair. Piles of other things.
Garden is exploding with weeds and squash, zucchini and cukes. Watermelon and cantaloupe growing. Still no beans but flowers galore .
I ain't got no time fer blogging ya'll....