Tuesday, July 14, 2015


A lil project me and LN are working on.
I hope it turns out.

The garden is crazy.
Weeds are major in beans but with all the rain I don't want to mess around the plants. 

I'm planning on weeding when I harvest. We need sun to grow those beans. They are teeny tiny. I told them I have to go to fair in 2 weeks. Let's go!

The plants are abundant but the truth is ...

The weeds are too :/

The "pumpkins" I transplanted from the cowpen are thriving.

I'm just not sure they are pumpkins. Looks like butternut squash? I wonder if someone gave my cows squash because I threw them pumpkins. The flowers are enormous so I assumed they were pumpkins. So weird...
No big deal in reality I didn't plant butternuts and I was regretting that choice. 
Happy surprises either way!


  1. Please show us that project when it's all done. It looks great from here. So does your garden.

    1. Kristiina, i'll be sure to update the quilt saga if I get it finished that is. The garden is starting it's summer chaos. This time of year it gets hard to keep up with the weeds. I'm going to try to keep up.

  2. Your quilt is cute! When I get caught up with chores (LOL) I have big plans to make my first ever quilt!
    I'm so jealous of your beans. Mine perished a month ago from the monsoon rains

    1. Oh Kelly I'm sorry about your excessive rains. We've been having a rainy summer but nothing severe.
      The quilt is so neat to make and not hard for us to figure out which helps.

  3. Cute, cute, cute quilt! So appropriate for you and your place.

    We're like you in that we've been getting frequent rains (don't think the greenery could get more lush looking), but not too much like so many places.

    That "pumpkin" looks suspiciously like a butternut squash. Fooled you!

    Hope your beans do their thing to fit in with your schedule. Nary a blossom on mine yet. And the yellow wax beans are looking a little peaked compared to the green bean plants. Usually it's the yellow ones that grow faster and taller. Crazy summer.