Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mortally ...

Wounded that is picking beans err I mean pigweed!

I was just walking through the beans and flipped a plant over and saw ready to go yummy beans.
But first I picked weeds out of the plants to find the yumminess.


I only finished half the row. It was getting too dark to see. Have to leave something for tomorrow ya know.

I also picked a few other veggies.

Today was beautiful.
About 80' with a nice breeze and no humidity. 90's called for all next week so I'm scrambling as usual.
I mowed the lawn and edges around animals as well as the market lamb pen.
The camper was wiped down inside and floors swept by LN. I packed dry goods for meals. It goes to be parked at fairgrounds tomorrow. LN put most of her show duds in as well as clothes for her speech, demonstration, hostessing, etc. Day to day clothes will have to wait. Neither of us can spare 10 days worth. We'll take them next week as we take her 4-h entries. 
Oh yea this happened this week...

She took her driving hours with her instructor. She then drove my truck all over the pasture with branches for burn pile and sweet corn for cows. She even backed up to wagon for me. She isn't afraid to drive now. In August she'll get her license and she's off ( with supervised driving for 6 months anyhow).
Car shopping awaits. Actually truck or jeep shopping.


  1. Yep, gardening can be a dangerous sport! (Ya gotta be tough!)

    Nice harvest, nice assortment of fresh goodies.

    So how do you feel about LN getting her driver's license? That's one of those milestones in a young person's life that is a big one . . . in so many ways.

    1. I dread and am excited about her license. It'll be convenient but she'll drive away and we do almost everything together now. Sad...

  2. Looks like your garden bounty is coming along nicely. I have yet to take our 16 year old in for her permit (next on my to-do list).

    1. I'd love to hold off too but LN will kill me in my sleep. She's the youngest of her friends and in her class. I'm reminded daily about this.