Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lining em up...

How would you carry this?

I didn't have another bucket with me. 
I managed but I stopped a few times to restack. I had some tomatoes at the house I combined with this bucket . An assembly line was formed.  

I put tomatoes through the squeezo and into the 2 crockpots.
Next up I blanched and bagged green beans.
Moved onto sausage, venison and hamburger meatballs that I formed to freeze for easy suppers later.
I finished with cutting up green peppers and freezing them on cookies sheets with jalapeños which I left whole.
None of the veggies were massive quantities but I'm taking what I get this year.

After I ended cleaning up the mess and giving chickens the scraps. The worse part of the job.

The weather has moderated again. The humidity has gone way down and temps are in upper 80's. Better than 90's with 100% humidity we had at fair.
Hopefully I'll get more tomatoes to can. I'm toying with planting another round of green beans. A fall harvest? I figure I have 10 weeks left before freezing.
LN is working on summer homework. She has 2 books left to read and report on. She starts tryouts for school field hockey Saturday (her 16th birthday). Preparing has meant lots of working out and running. School starts the 31st so suppose and clothes are being inventoried. 
Summer is running away...


  1. What beautiful peppers!

    And considering we get our first frost in EARLY September, I'm very jealous of anyone that can consider a fall crop of beans--or anything else for that matter!

    1. Sue I'm guessing about frost. We've had sept up to dec. we never know.

  2. Good thing you put those beautiful green peppers in the freezer right away. Otherwise, I would have been tempted to head out your way to steal them for some stuffed green peppers for my freezer. My pepper crop this year is simply dismal . . . don't know what happened, but if I don't get hold of some my husband is going to be a sad supper eater this winter without his weekly ration of them.

    What a work ethic you have instilled in that young'un of yours. (Wish someone would tell me I had to read two books yet this summer . . . and make me lie on the couch to do it!!!)

    1. She has had 4 books to read. They are staggered by dates due. Notes have to be taken and submitted online.
      The couch part is the fun part of reading. I could order you to lay down and read but you probably don't listen well enough lol.
      The green peppers are small but I dice them for cooking so that's not a problem. Stuffed peppers are too much work when I'm the only one eating them . You come visit I'll make them for us.

  3. I've used my shirt to hold extras before, ha ha! Looks like you won the garden jack pot!

    1. My shirt was soaked in sweat so I didn't want the veggies to wilt from the stench lol