Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not a Joke

Just went to rinse plate off after supper. When I turned water on the spray nozzle shot water all over me and the floor covering half of the kitchen floor. 
Nope no rubber band in sight.
This was not a joke.
The nozzle must have had a lil bit of something blocking the shut off. 
Someone used it before me and said " yea it got me too". Said person didn't bother to tell anyone else till I bellowed with rage nor did they wipe up the floor from their showering.

Yesterday's gorgeous sunset. This picture doesn't begin to show how cool it was. Within 10 min the clouds were covering up whole area into a flat sky. LN and I were driving home from some not good for us but def wanted it Taco Bell/KFC drive thru for our Saturday night supper fun. We are some hard core partiers. I do love me some original recipe and she loves tacos. We watched several old (as in 1977-1990) movies before bedtime. LN seems to enjoy those more than the modern crap which tickles me to death.
I start a income tax course in the morning. The lady who does our business taxes needs help. I'm taking the class to qualify and learn. We'll see how I do sitting inside for longer time periods. I don't expect I'll enjoy it but it pays. Sometimes that matters more.
Listen closely.... Hear that?
Silence of the air conditioners!
It is cool enough I shut those energy sucking loud a** noise boxes off and opened the windows.
I hope the 90's and humidity are crawling back in their holes for another year. Probably not but a girl can dream.


  1. Beautiful sky. At first I thought it was your brain exploding when you got the shot in the face from the sink sprayer! :o] I've had that happen to me, but only when it involved a rubber band and a not-funny-at-all prankster in the house.

    Good luck with your income tax course. Gaaaah, that would be the last thing I would attempt!

    1. It gets me out of the house and I'll see if it's an alternative way to make some money when I leave here.

  2. Sounds like you found a good source to earn cash, and learn something too. We are cooling off for a few days here too, but warming back up this weekend.

    1. Kristina I'm sure we are the same but I'm taking what I get.