Sunday, October 25, 2015


Cooler weather is here.
How can I tell?

LN s cat climbs on top of the keyboard as she does homework. In bed she starts at her feet and ends up on her chest some nights. 

Hair grows on her steer faster than it can get brushed.
All signs of cooler weather.

This just because. S dropped round bale in the road Thursday. LN decided to sit a spell after her hockey game.
Crazy Kid!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It's crazy round here....
My tax class is half over. It isn't what I needed , too simplistic but I paid so I am finishing it. If I agree to work for "them" they will teach me what I expected in a private class. It's a pretty good recruiting technique but not for me. Pay is not enough and its up to employee to find clients and rush them through for bonuses. 
I am working for a CPA part time. 

I make my own hours. It's grunt work but I find it relaxing to not stress like I do in other life areas. It's about 1/2 mi from my house so I can pop in whenever I find a few hours. I think I should walk or ride LN s bike for a bit of excercise.
LN is still in field hockey and still having coach issues. She has learned a lot from this and not all good but she won't forget it fast for sure.
She's being inducted in the National Honor Society next week. She's earned it and I'm proud. 
4-h continues and busy is still the norm.
Oh yea...

During practice this week she took a stick to her face. It broke a blood vessel in her mouth and blood poured out. Outside she has 2 small cuts and swollen like a golf ball. She never cried and went to game next day. I did take her to oral surgeon but he said where the cut is it is too hard to stitch without causes more drama. It's at the bottom of jawline.
She was wearing her mouth guard so props for that. She's fine except tired of the jokes at her expense. She is curious why the girl who hit her hasn't talked to her just posted sorry on group message when LN gave everyone the doctors decision. No big deal just curious.
I will say my girl reminds me daily to be humble as she's a much better person than I am or will ever be.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Will it or Won't it?

I'm pondering whether the hurricane will hit Delaware.
If so I'll lose power so I decided to catch up on blog reading.

With some tea and honey for my sore throat (aww really just I'm addicted).
Also have on my Sock Monkey wool socks cause it's down to 50's with strong winds and rain.

This was yesterday mid morning as I pulled a load of waste green beans home to the cows.
It was a heavy sky filled with darker than it's showing clouds and starting to rain.
For those curious the waste beans came from the massive field I'm driving beside.
I needed 4x4 because of the 2 plus inches of rain the previous night.

LN and I stayed up to watch the eclipse.
It was boring and I was not impressed but glad to spend time laughing with my girl.
Our barn cats stayed with us for the hour we sat in our pj's on our dock.
We eventually moved to the back of the barn so thedusk to dawn light off to the picture's right on the main barn stopped corrupting the view.

This is the best picture of LN at the banquet Monday evening.
She's eating 2 ice creams after the chicken salad/fried oyster gluttony.
It was great and overwhelming as usual.
Her award came with a certificate and $50.00 so she was happy.

This is a puzzle my 90 yr old Mom-n-law put together.
She constantly "puzzles" and sometimes decoupages them and frames them.
She offers them to me but I pass as I don't need anymore "stuff" with my hoarder husband.
I took a picture for her to keep before boxing it back up.

Seems we are gonna get something.
Delaware is a forgotten state by most people so look at tiny state
right under New Jersey and beside Maryland.

I don't think the forecasters know what's coming so they scribbled everywhere just in case!
Time to get back to homework and various research projects for LN's college and career searches.
See you after Joaquin!!!