Friday, November 6, 2015


Grab a handful or so (yes I use my hand) of left over mashed potatoes, add an egg. Smush it (it's a word) together and brown it on both sides. It's my favorite breakfast.

I've had the crappy flu again . It's mostly in my chest. The cough is strong enough my chest is sore. I've sucked down so many cough drops. The positive thoughts  were needed.

I'm almost over it maybe the wrappers gave me a boost!

But this is appropriate also except I'd sub tea for the nasty coffee and good ole Jack for the vodka.


  1. Oh, yeah! My mom passed down a recipe to me (actually, she never had a recipe but just threw it together, but I made her write down something for me to follow) for Potato Patties. We love 'em! Leftover mashed potatoes, an egg or two depending on how many you're making, some flour for binder, chopped onion (or chives for color), salt and pepper. Brown in bacon fat . . . Ooooh, heaven, I agree!

    Sending positive thoughts to add to yours (and the cough drop wrappers) for a quick COMPLETE recovery from your yucky/awful/terrible/bad/miserable/owie chest symptoms! That's the pits.

    1. Thanks MamaPea I appreciate the thoughts. Today is a better day.
      The potato cakes I make are simple. I love potatoes in anyway I can get them but these are my favorites. I make extra mashed potatoes in anticipation of having leftovers. I'm simple to please.