Monday, November 16, 2015

It's alive!

Remember that phrase?
It's alive!
For me it should be, I'm alive!
I finished the classroom part of my income tax course today.
I have to take my final exam Wednesday.
Today was review day and we reviewed the whole course of work in a jeopardy style game.
2 teams of 3 (our class is small since its during the day, night class is full) were selected.
My team kicked booty even with 1 member not answering, and another (me) with a headache.
By final jeopardy we were ahead by $3,400.00 of fake moolah.
We won double jeopardy too!
Yeah, our prize was the answers to 2 pages of our final exam.
I chose the hardest 1040A case study.
With the answers I figured I could backtrack to the forms needed.
Good dang thing cause I would not have arrived at those answers.
The tedious small lines of worksheets gets me.
I did 80% with no issues but health care and earned income were crazy.
Earned income I figured correct number but filled out sheets till the cows came home.
Health care I was wrong by $2.00 because of percentages.
The rounding up and moving out 3-6 places makes a world of difference.
Frustrating that the instructions say you only need 3 places out on a percentage but to arrive at their answer you need 6 places.
I finished my initial work though so I only have to study some questions.
It's open book so there is no excuse for failure to me.
We shall see after Wednesday.
Then maybe I'll get back to the gym (necessary my pants say), catch up on housework, catch up on barn work, catch up on animal issues, etc, etc, etc.
Oh yea there's a holiday looming I'm told.


  1. Oh, this course work of yours is all so foreign to me! I have a real (seriously) short circuit in my brain when it comes to numbers. My mom was a cracker jack (jill?) bookkeeper and my hubby was studying to become a CPA when we met. He can't understand why I'm so very dense when it comes to numbers when my mom was so good at it. (Ever hear of abilities skipping a generation, I always say?) Congratulations on nearing the end of your hard work on all of this. Good luck (best of luck!) on Wednesday!

    1. You probably use more math daily than I do MamaPea. Figuring out quilt patterns, canning amounts, garden measurements are all math. I am glad it's over and I passed with a 95% woot.