Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rats, dogs & stuff...

We have had a terrible time with rats this year getting in the feed trailers we store the grain we sell in. S has poured poison to them seemingly by the ton. The dog hunts them so eagerly he has tore open feed bags also. He's killed one but ya know the saying " see one there's a lot more". Today we were moving round bales to sell. I had to help push one out to where the tractor could pick it up. I was done and waiting on S to bring the tractor when I saw a rat sitting on some boards stored under the feed trailers in a shaft of sunlight. 

The white patch way in the distance is the bast*^d.

Not much better pic but still the sun drenched white thing on the end of the boards.
What to do?

Yep out came the gun. 

No problem cause S is a crack shot. I've not seen him missed 99% of the time. The rat seemed lethargic so we figured he was doped up on poison. The gun jammed, was cleared, shot fired to the right, hmm needs sighted in, next shot closer but missed as well. 
The rat never moved except his head.
What to do?
I say send your great killer dog in. Said dog was behind us totally unconcerned sniffing God knows what in the pasture.
S turned running tractor off. Calls goose the dog. S and goose climb into where rat is sitting. Goose walks in, turns around I swear two inches from the rat and looks at S who doesn't see it either. I'm still watching from original position. I yell to S to look down and finally the rat jumps down and disappears under the boards. S and goose walk away. I was pissed. I yelled " you both need to see doctors cause you are blind and dog is stupid". Very politely and sweetly of course! I look back and goose is now staring at the boards and begins to dig. Whatever you stupid mutt .
S and I decide to get back to loading trailer. We move my truck around and head to tractor. Probably 10 minutes later I see Goose run past and head to the house. I watch and see him drop something by the porch. Sure enough it's the dead rat. 
Good dog! 
Ok so back story. Last Saturday S's truck which is a flat bed we haul majority of our feed deliveries on shorts out and dies. Monday we tow it into place to use unloading 22 tons of feed. The bed acts as a bridge and dock. Tuesday we pay a rollback to haul it to shop. Mechanic calls today to say 2 wires touched and blew tons of electrical parts. It's fixable but not till next week. Grr so S has used my truck mon-wed and has to use it Friday to do weekly deliveries also. I gave him rules. He doesn't do maintenance and I do. Enough about that. 
Back to today. When we went back to tractor after rat it didn't start. WTH seriously? We still needed to load the 6th and final round bale to deliver plus a bale to our cows.  I towed it around the driveway hoping to jump start it but no luck. We contacted customer who agreed to accept 5 of her 6 ordered. I put a square bale to cows to hold them over and S left to deliver the bales. After a fix it all friend came by a few hours later he started tractor on 1st try. We have no idea but are guessing the cellinoid overheated and went into safety mode. Once cooled it restarted. 
All because of a rat bast*^d ...
Well not really but the day , hell the week could have gone smoother.

I leave you with this poignant picture.

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