Friday, November 20, 2015

Sweet potatoes and varmints ...

I dug the sweet taters this morning. I usually wait till hard frost has been through because well that's what an older person said to do ;) I wanted it over and done so onwards I charged.

A couple of those suckers were huge.

Of course they also were either rotted or a varmint has snacked heavily on them. I uncovered a couple of field mice nests right up against nice big potatoes, rotten messes. There is a big hole beside the greenhouse to so traps and poison time. I have no qualms whatsoever. 
I still managed an almost full wheel barrow of keepers. Some are small but it's fine for lunch instead of the white potatoes which I crave. Funny thing is I hate sweet potatoes. I eat them because I should , not because I like the taste. Funnier thing is I cooked them for my Dad for a good 10-15 years before he said he didn't like them either. He didn't want to offend me so he nibbled enough I thought he liked them. S likes them but only without skin and that misses the point of the nutrition. He also likes them slathered in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Same issue with that method also.

I've laid them out to dry off. Some have marks or splits but I'm going to try to keep them. If they get soft off to the chickens they will go.

The Italian parsley is only thing left growing. It's so pretty. Maybe I'll tear some off for turkey day. I've never preserved it just used it during season. I know, I know, everyone is shaking their heads. Maybe I'll get on that next year.
I still need to finish cleaning up the garden, it's in the list. I partially did it. Still have to roll up plastic from rows. Pull the tomatoes and store cages. 
Now that class is over I'll get to the list. First up is the windows. I can hardly enjoy the sun if the dirt obscures it. 
The list is endless.

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  1. Those are some BIG sweet potatoes! My husband doesn't like them as well as I do . . . darn. We can't grow them here as we don't have the warm nights they require. But I can always get them at our local organic co-op and slip one in a meal for us once in a while. (But not too often, or I hear grumblings!)

    This year I finally had enough parsley that I think I have a year's supply dried. It's so much "greener" and tastier than the dried parsley I can buy. It will be worth your effort to dry some next year for winter's use. I promise!