Monday, December 28, 2015

End of year

It's here ready or not.
I'm starting to work on tax prep.
I swear this year I'll be ready on time.
We bought plane tickets to fly to Scottsdale Arizona end of January for
National Make it With Wool contest.
Anyone with ideas for our free time spill it please.
We have 3 days to explore and are planning to look at Grand Canyon one day.
LN is afraid if we hike too much she'll be too sore to model well.
Maybe Phoenix zoo and Scottsdale old town area another day.
Sedona maybe a day???
LN is working on many school, 4-H and scholarship projects that are do within January.
She is working with her steer as well.
He's not broke but she's making friends and brushing him.
I'm ready to take stuff down from Christmas and clear out clutter.
It's time.
Lambs will be arriving in next month so I need to set up nursery and lambing jugs.
Lots of things are going on but I'm not ready to share more, too exhausting to post about.
I hope it cools off enough to see snow this year!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

It's 70' on Christmas Eve at 5 pm in Delaware.

Full moon rising!!!

Yes LN is in shorts. I'm burning up so I'm on porch swing while dinner cooks.

The Big man himself has been spotted I'm told in Canada with a sleigh full.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


LN and I took a shopping trip to beach last night. My truck needs brakes done so borrowed S2's truck. I figured parking would be a breeze with it being offseason. That's the norm here. Nope with 60's temps the town was packed. Found spot eventually. 

Wandered in and out of small mom/pop type shops. Found cute things for LN's friends. Did our annual book store stop. She picked out a couple she wanted. 

Ate some death fries at our favorite pub. French fries with cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce and ranch dressing is the best. At the beach they taste better too.

It's the season weather notwithstanding...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Elf work

It's keeping me busy this year.

Trying to knit and crochet gifts this year as much as I can.

Some fresh apple cake and raw ice cold milk for lunch after finishing this beanie.

Some boot toppers (I've made 3 sets) and an ear warmer.

Another ear warmer and cowl neck scarf with beanie.

A little bit of sewing was accomplished also but no pictures.

Off to start more....

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dis Season

I need a table runner/topper thingy.
If I put one on the blanket chest I use as a coffee table S doesn't pile/hoard as much junk on it. 

This happened yesterday.
And so....
LN is Lucy from peanuts gang on our 4-H float this year.

whipped this up in a half hour outa fleece. No pattern, just snip and fit. The "elastic" sleeves are just gathered with thread and tied off. No seam finishing needed and no one to critique it when she's rolling through parade sitting down. It has enough ease she can put layers of compression under it. It's projected to be in 40's but with wind chill of float moving I'm thinking colder.

All in a days' (errr few hours?) play!