Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dis Season

I need a table runner/topper thingy.
If I put one on the blanket chest I use as a coffee table S doesn't pile/hoard as much junk on it. 

This happened yesterday.
And so....
LN is Lucy from peanuts gang on our 4-H float this year.

whipped this up in a half hour outa fleece. No pattern, just snip and fit. The "elastic" sleeves are just gathered with thread and tied off. No seam finishing needed and no one to critique it when she's rolling through parade sitting down. It has enough ease she can put layers of compression under it. It's projected to be in 40's but with wind chill of float moving I'm thinking colder.

All in a days' (errr few hours?) play!


  1. I need to do the same thing in the way of a Christmas-y table runner. Wanna come to my house and whip one up for me? You wouldn't even have to do a "Lucy" costume, just the table runner.

    Have your lil darlin' take a blanket on the float with her just in case it feels like hypothermia is setting in by the end of the parade!

  2. I hope you share some float photos. How fun!