Monday, December 28, 2015

End of year

It's here ready or not.
I'm starting to work on tax prep.
I swear this year I'll be ready on time.
We bought plane tickets to fly to Scottsdale Arizona end of January for
National Make it With Wool contest.
Anyone with ideas for our free time spill it please.
We have 3 days to explore and are planning to look at Grand Canyon one day.
LN is afraid if we hike too much she'll be too sore to model well.
Maybe Phoenix zoo and Scottsdale old town area another day.
Sedona maybe a day???
LN is working on many school, 4-H and scholarship projects that are do within January.
She is working with her steer as well.
He's not broke but she's making friends and brushing him.
I'm ready to take stuff down from Christmas and clear out clutter.
It's time.
Lambs will be arriving in next month so I need to set up nursery and lambing jugs.
Lots of things are going on but I'm not ready to share more, too exhausting to post about.
I hope it cools off enough to see snow this year!


  1. Sounds as though your month of January is full to the brim already! Never been to Arizona so can't give you any tips for things to do/see there. I'm sure you and LN will fill your time there with no problem and have a ball.

    My holiday decorations will stay up until this coming weekend then get packed away. (I'll miss the color!)

    1. I thought about your comment as I removed the decorations. I didn't realize how much color they provided in a house of neutrals. Guess that means we need to spice up our worlds some.