Friday, January 29, 2016

Almost there...

Tomorrow is D Day as in decision day. There will be a banquet for the NMIWW tomorrow evening. After a delicious lamb dinner the fashion show will commence with awards after. 

But for now here's a few pictures of the enormous hotel complex we are at.

Nice putting green...

My bungalow/villains is the right half of this building.

The contestants are in the regular rooms which are pretty nice in these buildings.

Everything is well landscaped and maintained even around the tennis courts.

Really cool mature cacti spread throughout the complex. I like this one.

LN enjoyed the fresh lemonade served on the terrace served with free buckets of buttery, salted popcorn. She can eat her weight in popcorn.
Tomorrow is it.
Off to bed ...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Full Day

Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo. LN was happy as she plans to possibly pursue Animal Behavior in college.

Giraffes are favorites of hers. I hope the camera pictures are clearer. I was shooting into the sun for some pictures.

Others were oriented the other way and it shows.

I guess my kids get it honestly because we find and go to zoos no matter where we visit.

Afterwards we attended the Sewing Expo in Phoenix but it was too crowded to see many booths. We left after a half hour of being jostled and ran into.
We headed back to the National Make it with Wool hotel and registered. We officially  began the contest tonight.
Tomorrow ..... Fingers crossed

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Next day...

Ok MamaPea here you go...
Started out at Walnut Valley Monument near Flagstaff. 

The path at 8,000 ft drops a few hundred feet into the canyon/revine where you can see cliff homes. It was very steep and a bit of a challenge but we did it.

The leveled the part of the path.

I look bald and there are dwellings in the rock face behind me. The phone pictures aren't as good as my camera. I can't download them till I get home though.
We headed to Phoenix/Scottsdale to check in.

LN is enjoying the warm water and I'm on here. I have my knitting and book.
Tomorrow we go some more before the competition begins in late afternoon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trials but Worth it...

After cancelled flights, bad flights, a lot of turbulence, long wait at rental car place, we got to our hotel last night at 1:30am which was 3:30 Delaware time. We were wiped out. 

We made to the Grand Canyon this morning. I stink at selfies though, sorry .

It's purty but cold. The wind is really bad so ice was everywhere. These are just phone pictures but still give an idea.

LN was happy till she got cold. Some warm soup and she came around. We saw little Colorado gorge which I almost liked better than the grand but don't tell anyone. I think it was the crowds. 
Tomorrow who knows what we'll get into.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 + "

That's the snow estimate for my house. 
Since we live on a " hill" (and if you know delaware that means barely above sea level) everything drifts towards us. Therefore I had 4-5' drifts between the house and barn. Snow overload this time . Chores were bit dicey humping over 2 big drifts and wrestling doors that were drifted shut with blowing ice. 

LN was not impressed with shoveling to cows in arena.

The aftermath of heavy equipment the neighbor brought over. It benefitted him since he drives tractor trailer for us and is due to deliver a load Tuesday night.
Deldot is just starting through our road. It'll take numerous passed as we are drifted badly. Didn't stop idiots from trying though.
We just watched them struggle for awhile so hopefully they'll learn next time . They won't but nice thought.

S following up large equipment with smaller tractor bucketing the edges. Notice the pile is as tall as the truck so far with a lot more to go.

Smaller pile near the house.

Sheep are not venturing out so hay comes to them.

Lambs stay warm in LNs arms.
Me and my princess fly out of Philadelphia tomorrow at 6 pm to go to Phoenix for National Make it with Wool contest.
Original flight was cancelled because of snow so we'll lose some touristy time but we are going.
Time to pack and deal with all that stuff.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Icy Stuff

The aftermath of 358 bushels of shelled corn being unloaded on a windy 10* day.
Beeswings piled deep everywhere. It should blow away quickly today. Just like a man to schedule a load in the coldest day. Nothing that  fleece lined jeans, wool socks, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, 2 hoodies and a carharrt vest can't fix. 
Then it's on to this....

A little dish cloth knitting to take the chill off. 
Umm ... sure with a hot cup of tea and a few blankets piled on.

Chilly morning...

I want to barn to check ewes at 6 am before going to gym. 
This is what I found...

First time ewe delivering huge ram lamb. It's -3' with wind chill. Thankfully she was inside in a community pen but inside.
I pen what I think are next 3 ewes due in individual jugs at night with all others in larger pen with gate to outside closed. I guessed wrong in next due but that's a crap shoot anyway.
I shuffled the jug ewes out to big pen and opened gate to send everyone outside. Even with the cold they were more than happy to go. Something about getting grained outside I think ;) I moved new momma into jug with her lamb. I put heat lamp on although my ewes never come near it and will bed as far away as they can get but it makes me feel better today . The ewe seemed confused about ram lamb but tried to lick him so good deal. He's up and trying to find spicket. 
My gym trip was cancelled but I drove LN to school . I felt sorry for her in the frigid cold . We can't see her bus coming from inside so she waits 20 min or more sometimes. The bus is never on the same time frame. 

Now back to barn.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Snow falling gently.

Lightly covering tree branches and grass.
Round bale put out to arena cows.
Chicken feed barrel filled and eggs collected, washed and crated.

Other critters fed and happy.

Lamb stew in the crockpot smelling yummy.

LN is the photographer.

Knitting on a pink baby throw.

I read about a pattern in a book on several knitters lives.
It definetly had a bunch of glitches and I restarted it about 4-5 times.
I finally rewrote the pattern based on the same stitches but different numbers total.
I still think it may be too narrow but the pattern is working so I ll see how it goes.
Might be a frogger....

Charging ipod for gym and fitbit.
Reading blogs.
Ordering rental car for Arizonia trip.
Just another Sunday in Delaware.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2 pm

It's 2:00 pm and ...

I disagree with the active minutes. Those were very active.
I'm back in the gym. I went 4 out of 5 days this week. I'm sore but I know I need to do this. It's crazy I have to hurt myself to be healthy . I would rather read or knit or quilt or sew. Still gotta do what I gotta do!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Muscles help

Muscles help when it's 10' and windy.

Only 5 types of waterers to chop open today.
Might be time to turn heaters on even with crazy electric bill that cometh

African violets cheer me up.

Pretty things to look at while washing dishes.

Warm start for breakfast, fried mashed potatoe pancake.

Anyone else boiling needles and syringes while making breakfast?


No one?

Ok then just me...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello winter

It's winter .... Low 20's and windy...
I look bald and what's with the major and permanent forehead I squint too much crease?
Oh well the ewe's happy.
Off to set up lambing jugs.
Any day now...

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

It's a new year!
I took down the Christmas decorations and tossed the tree today. Next I ventured into scary territory.
I have a "half" room that is filled with stuff. I started to sort and purge that mess. It has horticulture projects from 4-h and pack backs and duffle bags and yarn and old toys, etc. I pulled anything that LN realistically won't be completing before she leaves for college. It'll be passed along to younger members. 
Our fitted sheets seem to wear out but flats are fine. I found several flats I saved that honestly I won't ever use them. They are now chucked along with general trash like old gift boxes and ripped up backpacks, etc.
It may not be enough but anything that leaves a bit of room in this house is appreciated. Less to deal with later on.

Big news....
I'm going to be a grandmother this year. Z will become a daddy around May 4th. I am happy for him and his lady R2. They had a gender reveal party and its a girl. Serves Z right, I hope she drives him nuts! 
R2 has picked out material for me to make crib bumpers and skirt. 

She is all about the pink, feminine, shabby chic and that's out of my realm but I'm game to do as they wish. I expect it will be a good year !

As the first day of 2016 winds down my companion and I wish everyone a happy healthy year!