Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 + "

That's the snow estimate for my house. 
Since we live on a " hill" (and if you know delaware that means barely above sea level) everything drifts towards us. Therefore I had 4-5' drifts between the house and barn. Snow overload this time . Chores were bit dicey humping over 2 big drifts and wrestling doors that were drifted shut with blowing ice. 

LN was not impressed with shoveling to cows in arena.

The aftermath of heavy equipment the neighbor brought over. It benefitted him since he drives tractor trailer for us and is due to deliver a load Tuesday night.
Deldot is just starting through our road. It'll take numerous passed as we are drifted badly. Didn't stop idiots from trying though.
We just watched them struggle for awhile so hopefully they'll learn next time . They won't but nice thought.

S following up large equipment with smaller tractor bucketing the edges. Notice the pile is as tall as the truck so far with a lot more to go.

Smaller pile near the house.

Sheep are not venturing out so hay comes to them.

Lambs stay warm in LNs arms.
Me and my princess fly out of Philadelphia tomorrow at 6 pm to go to Phoenix for National Make it with Wool contest.
Original flight was cancelled because of snow so we'll lose some touristy time but we are going.
Time to pack and deal with all that stuff.


  1. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you fared in the storm! They must have had to do a lot of fast work at the airport so they could get planes flying again so soon. Hope you and LN have a wonderful vacation away from all the work . . . and SNOW! Enjoy yourself!!

    1. I hope we have a good time as well. We are going to the grand canyon whose temp is showing same as here though. After that we will head to 70* Phoenix. It's going to be a shocker.