Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chilly morning...

I want to barn to check ewes at 6 am before going to gym. 
This is what I found...

First time ewe delivering huge ram lamb. It's -3' with wind chill. Thankfully she was inside in a community pen but inside.
I pen what I think are next 3 ewes due in individual jugs at night with all others in larger pen with gate to outside closed. I guessed wrong in next due but that's a crap shoot anyway.
I shuffled the jug ewes out to big pen and opened gate to send everyone outside. Even with the cold they were more than happy to go. Something about getting grained outside I think ;) I moved new momma into jug with her lamb. I put heat lamp on although my ewes never come near it and will bed as far away as they can get but it makes me feel better today . The ewe seemed confused about ram lamb but tried to lick him so good deal. He's up and trying to find spicket. 
My gym trip was cancelled but I drove LN to school . I felt sorry for her in the frigid cold . We can't see her bus coming from inside so she waits 20 min or more sometimes. The bus is never on the same time frame. 

Now back to barn.


  1. A change in your plans for the morning, but a good surprise (since all turned out well). Plus, LN got a ride to school which I'm sure she appreciated!

  2. Oh, how I am going to miss kidding season here this year. I do know about bus schedules too. They are never here the exact same time. And it's cold here too.