Thursday, January 28, 2016

Full Day

Today we went to the Phoenix Zoo. LN was happy as she plans to possibly pursue Animal Behavior in college.

Giraffes are favorites of hers. I hope the camera pictures are clearer. I was shooting into the sun for some pictures.

Others were oriented the other way and it shows.

I guess my kids get it honestly because we find and go to zoos no matter where we visit.

Afterwards we attended the Sewing Expo in Phoenix but it was too crowded to see many booths. We left after a half hour of being jostled and ran into.
We headed back to the National Make it with Wool hotel and registered. We officially  began the contest tonight.
Tomorrow ..... Fingers crossed


  1. How fun. My 19 year-old loves giraffes and elephants, but now is venturing into being a vet's assistant. Your travels sound so fun and exciting.

  2. Well, LN has already had much more experience with animals than I bet many others interested Animal Behavior have had.

    Fingers crossed for you from this end, too.