Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello winter

It's winter .... Low 20's and windy...
I look bald and what's with the major and permanent forehead I squint too much crease?
Oh well the ewe's happy.
Off to set up lambing jugs.
Any day now...


  1. Low 20s and windy can be really cold . . . I can relate because that's what we've been having. Brrrr! But look at your green pasture! We're lucky to have even the covering (slight though it is) of snow on the ground for insulation.

    I think both you and the ewe look happy. You've got such a beautiful smile . . . and dimples!

    And why don't you have a hat on in those freezy temps?

    1. Haha I never wear a hat. I have ear muffs on and I'll pull my hood up if it's too bad. I usually start sweating because I'm working so I end up in just my sweatshirt before I'm done.
      The green grass area is the horses' area it is shorn off to nubs I guarantee. The sheep tear it up into mud with their pointy toes in the winter months.