Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Muscles help

Muscles help when it's 10' and windy.

Only 5 types of waterers to chop open today.
Might be time to turn heaters on even with crazy electric bill that cometh

African violets cheer me up.

Pretty things to look at while washing dishes.

Warm start for breakfast, fried mashed potatoe pancake.

Anyone else boiling needles and syringes while making breakfast?


No one?

Ok then just me...


  1. Good chuckle this morning with your pot o' needles and syringes simmering on the stove!

    Your temp is 20 degrees colder than ours. We're back in this hard-to-understand warm winter weather. Temp was near 30 all day yesterday and only dropped to the high 20s last night. Great ice making weather. Ugh.

  2. he he, that last part made me laugh. Those violets looks so pretty. I bet they add warmth to your home. I have froze puddles, but thankfully chicken water has not froze. I don't have goat buckets to knock out this winter.

  3. I forgot to mention how pretty your violets are. I love them, too, especially the dark purple ones like you have. But can I keep a violet alive more than a couple of months? Nope. I've purchased special soil for violets and even a growing liquid to water them with but I can't keep them alive. :o(