Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

It's a new year!
I took down the Christmas decorations and tossed the tree today. Next I ventured into scary territory.
I have a "half" room that is filled with stuff. I started to sort and purge that mess. It has horticulture projects from 4-h and pack backs and duffle bags and yarn and old toys, etc. I pulled anything that LN realistically won't be completing before she leaves for college. It'll be passed along to younger members. 
Our fitted sheets seem to wear out but flats are fine. I found several flats I saved that honestly I won't ever use them. They are now chucked along with general trash like old gift boxes and ripped up backpacks, etc.
It may not be enough but anything that leaves a bit of room in this house is appreciated. Less to deal with later on.

Big news....
I'm going to be a grandmother this year. Z will become a daddy around May 4th. I am happy for him and his lady R2. They had a gender reveal party and its a girl. Serves Z right, I hope she drives him nuts! 
R2 has picked out material for me to make crib bumpers and skirt. 

She is all about the pink, feminine, shabby chic and that's out of my realm but I'm game to do as they wish. I expect it will be a good year !

As the first day of 2016 winds down my companion and I wish everyone a happy healthy year!


  1. What a fantastic start you've had for the new year! You're a good example for me. In our abode here, we had a couple of unplanned happenings (nuthin' bad) that kinda threw my first-day-of-the-new-year plan out the window, but I hope to get back on track today.

    Congrats to Z and R2 . . . and you, too, Grandma-to-be. I'm not very frilly/froo-froo either but I do love that fabric R2 picked out for the crib set.

    Looks as though your companion/supervisor is going to keep you on task this year!

  2. MamaPea there has been other things hampering a successful holiday here also. I'll explain soon , not crisis mode just frustrating. We will get through as will you.
    Thanks for good thoughts on the grandchild. I don't feel old enough but suppose with LN being young I probably shouldn't or I wouldn't survive. That cat is LN s but lives to be with me if I'm sitting or laying down. She's a warm blanket or a hot mess depending.

  3. Congrats! It sounds like your year is starting out great!