Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trials but Worth it...

After cancelled flights, bad flights, a lot of turbulence, long wait at rental car place, we got to our hotel last night at 1:30am which was 3:30 Delaware time. We were wiped out. 

We made to the Grand Canyon this morning. I stink at selfies though, sorry .

It's purty but cold. The wind is really bad so ice was everywhere. These are just phone pictures but still give an idea.

LN was happy till she got cold. Some warm soup and she came around. We saw little Colorado gorge which I almost liked better than the grand but don't tell anyone. I think it was the crowds. 
Tomorrow who knows what we'll get into.


  1. Keep having fun and post more pics and info when you can!

  2. Gorgeous photos and it looks like you are having a load of fun too.