Thursday, March 10, 2016


I usually think about a few things I want to accomplish tomorrow as I go to sleep. Last night I passed out so nothing.
This morning while I did daily morning chores I made my mental list.
Simple things :
*Take down Christmas lights (don't judge me)
*Clean gutters as I'm up on the extension ladder anyway
*Wind up and return all the extension cords from said lights to the animal tack boxes I borrowed them from
*Wash kitchen rugs and kitchen floor
*As always take care of customers
*Get hamburger out of freezer for sloppy joes
*Clean front pad at barn of all the hay and straw chaff from running it out the loft to customers

Seems simple...
No where did I list...

*While shutting tractor off in shed after dumping chaff to chickens , hear and see horse that's 25 and lame kicking his feet up and bucking high and racing around his lot
*Investigate and see LN's steer in my garden on the opposite side of the property from his pen

Thus ensued a rodeo of sorts.
Mama cows are only serrated from steer by 2 fences 10 ft apart which sheep are in. The cows are acting simple and screaming at steer . This makes steer holler and prance around garden tearing things up that should not be there (again don't judge). I have to wait on a customer while keeping an eye on steer as between him and his proper pen there is a 15 ft spot of "fence" that is comprised of a rope tied to two trees. Steer not suppose to be in that field and horse doesn't need more. 
After customer leaves I go through 2 gates in sheep pen. Walk into garden and try to get him to leave and head to barn by intimidation. Hahhaaaha he scoffed at me and stayed at fence calling cows. I traipsed back to barn. Opened gate in case he followed to his pen. See where he got out as he jumped a small wooden gate of sorts that needed replaced and tore it apart. I grabbed grain and a halter. He has not been lead regularly and isn't "fond" of it. Yes I know it's on the list. Went to big cows and haltered and tied them with a bit of grain as far away from him as possible. Next thing was back down to garden with grain and halter. It took a few attempts but I haltered him as it stole grain. He did not want to leave garden under the electric fence that was not on that he went in under. I unhooked a section so the baby felt better then pulled and conjoled him all the way back to his part of the barn. He's locked in right now. He walked sorta and didn't try to pull away so regular lessons will ensue. After all this I then had to fix garden fence so horse stays out. Pull apart the mangled mess where he jumped out and put old gate that's higher up, find chains and make it right. Put all gates back like they are supposed to be.
During all this notice sheep and cows water is low. Drag hose and starry fill ups. Notice mineral tubs need replaced in both so drag them out and dump in each pen. Remember to turn off water and untie big cows. 
It's  a chain of events that snowballs constantly.
The original list is complete. Gosh I love a clean kitchen floor with rugs still warm from the sun.


  1. You are Super Woman!

    Isn't it crazy how one thing leads to another which leads to another which leads . . .

    That fact that you got your day's list done is amazing. I hardly ever get my day's list done and I haven't had to halter a steer or mend gates in . . . well, never.

    You ARE Super Woman!

    1. Weirdly MamaPea I repeat "just keep going" to myself throughout the day. I'm like a turtle slow and steady!