Saturday, March 26, 2016


She's such a great kid....
It's prom season.
We went shopping.
I choked at prices.
R never paid much for all hers combined maybe $100.00 for 4-5 dances. We were lucky to find rock bottom clearance dresses.
This is LN's first time.
It cost more than R's total.
Enough said....

Lots of tule layers underneath to ballroom size it. The lace top is attached between to the skirt with sheer tule.
She has shoes.
We're doing her hair.
That will help with the cost. She was quoted a $125.00 price for a up do.
Maybe getting her nails done though.

Maybe have a date coming in....
Don't wanna jinx it.

If not she's good to go with her friends .


  1. I LOVE that dress. Reminiscent of elegant 1940s style. (Don't tell LN if you think she wouldn't think that to be a compliment!) $125 for a hair appointment??! I know prices are totally out of sight these days, but how can kids (or their parents) possibly afford that?

    My cousin (who went to a different high school in our same town) and I were the same size and traded dresses back and forth. Worked out really well and saved us both money. One dress got worn four times between the two of us; she wore it to a school prom and then a country club dance, I wore it to a school prom and then as an usher for a fancy program. Guess we got our money's worth out of it.

    LN looks just beautiful.

    1. Funny MamaPea LN thinks that 1940's comment was spot on. She loves the older styles. She says they are classier.

  2. Beautiful! Both the girl and the dress!