Thursday, March 10, 2016


Saturday is the baby shower for my granddaughter. I've been working as fast as possible but I'm slow and have a busy life. 
I finished knitting the blanket last night and ran it through express wash cycle.

It wanted to skew diagonally because of the lace pattern I suppose. I pinned it out and will see how it dries. Fingers and every extremity crossed please.
LN wanted to make this....

It's a swaddle pocket. 

You slip the baby in the pink pocket. Cross sides over her torso and tie tightly. Hopefully it's simpler than receiving swaddle for the first timers. The fabric is flannel with low lift batting sandwiched inside the back main piece. The pink is striped with white . The crossover that will show has the elephant pattern on it.

Sorry to show you my cutting mat has seen better days. Still works though....

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  1. Two very sweet pieces for the new baby. And handmade (with love) which is the very best!

    For some reason, I've never been crazy about the fact that expectant parents can now know the sex of the baby before birth, but it sure does make it more fun when it comes to making or buying gifts prior to the birth. Otherwise, gifts used to be always mint green or yellow or aqua!