Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Whose up pulling a calf at 4:20 am with a cold stiff wind blowing and temp of 34• ?


I am!
Gemstone showed stream of mucous and waters beginning about 8:30 last night.
I checked every 90 min or so until 4 am.
I made S get up to help when I saw a 4" red tounge and a foot sticking out. I don't usually help if I see a nose and hoof.
This time we pulled and it was a struggle.
The head and feet came easier than I thought. The problem was the pelvic area and  back hips. It was stuck solid. I eased the tissues and finally he popped out.
S thought he was dead but I had faith.
I rubbed and thumped him. He blinked and moved. Breaths showed in the ribs.
Gem came and licked hard. She's still licking. His tounge is still out some. He's congested but moving quite a bit. It's only been an hour. 
I have faith.
Our nasty clothes are chugging away in the washer. Why not I'm up anyway.

Friday while I was at Wm & Mary in VA on a college visit with LN this happened.

S was home alone. He said one min nothing but an hour later out popped this calf. He was up and dry so S left to go to dinner. 
We have different views on that....

First time Diamond has had a speckled calf. Usually she throws mainly solid white or red calves. She changed it up for us. Good ole cow, witch to handle but good momma. 
I'm tired ,off to check calf then get few hours shut eye before starting again.


  1. Not even 5 a.m. and I'd say you've already had your cardio workout for the day! Sounds like Gemstone needed your help with her big boy.

    As for Mama Diamond . . . holy big cow! She looks like you'd need a tractor to handle her.

    1. It's been a long day. Still have faith he will survive and thrive but a long day.

  2. Geez no. I was up contemplating my second cup of coffee! Nothing like a good workout at 0 Dark Thirty!

    1. I don't drink coffee. I should try something stronger though maybe some Kack :)