Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy but who isn't...

That's my excuse .
I'm busy!

My granddaughter Miss A.
I had to watch her while her Mom underwent emergency surgery 3 weeks after delivery. She came out fine and is feeling great. It was a long day but grateful to spend time with this cutie.

LN is still playing soccer. Her high school team is in the playoffs. Tomorrow is semi finals. Finals if they get there will be Friday or Saturday. Saturday is graduation for her friends, SAT for her and multiple graduation parties to attend. 

Shearing my breed ewes and LN shearing her markets. Since it's close to 90* everyday they appreciate it also.

Feeding, house work , getting fair entries started , animal walking (not enough), etc etc etc....

I'll be back when I get time.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Looking forward...

A truck driver turning in our drive only looked forward. 

Hence, he plowed over the fence breaking the kiln dried oak at the ground level.

Guess I need to go to work.

Wish I was back at the small local lake with LN like I was Friday evening.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pretty, pretty, pretty....

Short sister came to do tall sister's hair and makeup hence the bend down command.

I cut 8 yds of tulle from the underskirt before this picture.
Coming down the stairs was dicey but beautiful young lady. 

Boutonniere pinning was difficult.
Seems LN forgot to order one from school so 4-H training to the rescue.
We whipped one up this morning. 

So cute together.
Happy couple.
He drove from Kentucky to escort her to her Delaware prom.
Such a gentleman.

Beautiful couple
He's so tall which suits my 5'9" girl even wearing 4" wedges they look good together.
They have went to school together last few years before his family moved him at the end of last school year.

Of course she went there.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Grandbaby cometh....

8# 6oz.    21" long
Miss A has arrived....
Delivery went pretty well.
Some issues with R2 after but quickly addressed.

She looks like her papa.

Very active and swaddling seems unnecessary.
Let the spoiling commence...