Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pretty, pretty, pretty....

Short sister came to do tall sister's hair and makeup hence the bend down command.

I cut 8 yds of tulle from the underskirt before this picture.
Coming down the stairs was dicey but beautiful young lady. 

Boutonniere pinning was difficult.
Seems LN forgot to order one from school so 4-H training to the rescue.
We whipped one up this morning. 

So cute together.
Happy couple.
He drove from Kentucky to escort her to her Delaware prom.
Such a gentleman.

Beautiful couple
He's so tall which suits my 5'9" girl even wearing 4" wedges they look good together.
They have went to school together last few years before his family moved him at the end of last school year.

Of course she went there.


  1. Talk about an elegant looking couple! (Well, maybe except the last picture . . . ;o})

    Tell LN to hang on to that dress. She could get use out of it for many years to come. So classic!