Monday, July 4, 2016

Back in DE

Saturday night I arrived back in Delaware.
I chaperoned a trip with 13 DE 4-H members who exchanged with Oneida county in New York.
Last Sunday we took a bus to Wilmington DE and boarded a train to NYC.
From Penn Station we took another train to Utica NY.
The members stayed in the home of their exchange member.
Each day we gathered together and went somewhere interesting.
A 4000 head dairy farm where LN made a friend with this cutie.

Automatic milk replacer feeder that reads tag in their ears and generates the amount they each need.

60 head hydraulic carousel milker.

Utica Brewery that fascinated me but not the teenagers even though they received free soda made there.

Visited Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame and then sat on the wall by the lake for a while cooling off our feet and watching ducks.

Climbed Bald Mountain with only a few scraped knees and such.
Four lakes were visible but could not get them in one picture.

Took Uncle Sam boat into Canada on the St Laurence river viewing some of the Thousand lakes and properties built there. Visited Boldt Castle which was pretty where it was finished but ugly where vandals tore up.

All and all a good trip with a great group of kids.
Now back to real world issues and problems.

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  1. " . . . a good trip with a great group of kids." Can't ask for much more than that. Glad you got away from the daily grind and saw some new sights.