Friday, September 30, 2016


If God only gives me as much as I can handle
I must be the world's strongest woman!
I'll get through but dang it I don't want to deal with life sometimes.
Not in suicidal way just done with stuff being thrown at me.
No need to cheer me up or check on me.
I really am stronger than I sound.
Since that what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger
I think I'll be invincible soon!

Ima building....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Not again

Normal left hand ...

Not normal right hand a few hours after being stung by wasp.
It itches and burns and looks like a sausage.
Not allergic but very sensitive.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good timing...

When your day is so so and you walk past this beauty on the way to more chores it's makes me smile.

Lantana is my favorite. Never know what it will do color wise. Happy surprises...

I found these in store when I went with a friend who needed socks. Couldn't resist...

Rain cometh and dry hay waiteth...

What do you do when you need 30 more round hay bales than you have covered space for?

Ya pile em in the field and build around them of course.

        S had an idea that may work.

Build a pvc pipe structure and cover it with silage plastic.
Before you ask me...
Yes that's a fake cow there.
It's used to practice roping. It turns in a wide circle on a moter so you can ride behind it on your horse. Once it's roped and pulled snug it stops for you to get your rope back and then restarts to keep going.
            Back to hay....

There is a learning curve and potential issues involved. 

It will sweat inside which we do not want as it will cause bales to spoil. We did fold excess back on itself and tied it down. It was too dark for a picture when finished. We left enough hanging that can be closed over the ends during storms but re opened and pinned back during good weather. Hopefully air/wind can blow through preventing or minimizing mold or rot on bales. There is a bit of room down the sides but not a lot. We will see if this works today as thunderboomers and rain is crashing through and expected for next 24 hours. That is much needed rain so we are not complaining.
We have a lot of wind at our place so I'm leary of the durability to withstand that. S had a dream so we shall see.
His idea is as we deliver them about 5/6 at a time we can remove sections and fold back plastic to shorten tunnel. Eventually removing and storing it for next year if this works. 
We have another 40 bales stored under the loafing shed to use after these. The customer who contracts for them has mini horses and show stock. We have run out last few years so we are hoping this lasts awhile longer.
Fingers crossed...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Woke up to 68*

I'm a happy girl.
It's 10:00 am and 70*.
Window AC units are unplugged, curtains open and windows wide open. 
Yikes with the curtains open my house is dirty.
Time to blow out the dust and webs.
There's a nice breeze to boot. 
Time to get stuff done.
Did I mention I'm happy?

I'm sweating at 70*.
Oh well you can't beat menopause.

I'm still happy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MD State Fair

LN and I headed off to show her Lincoln Longwool lamb and help others show this past weekend.
She waited 5 hours for her class.
Not all was spent sitting on this stand though.

She placed 4th of of 8th so not great.
She learned 2 days later from a master fitter how she should have fitted her lamb.
Now she knows more and can do better next time....

She helped random exhibitors who asked.
Experience is priceless.

Just some of our DE gang in a flock class.

Setting feet in a pair class.
I told them all I see are butts when I take pictures.

LN managed a few hours of homework in between fitting and showing.
 We slept on cots in the barn in empty sheep stalls.
(I'm old just say that)
Food was in coolers and made in crockpots.
We set up right outside of our pens.
Sheep stands and afternoon naps shared space.
There were 5 families represented and we all helped each other.
Long 4 1/2 days but fun to boot.