Thursday, December 15, 2016

One and...

One and done ...
LN  applied to one college for early decision.
It has a 32% acceptance rate.
She has been accepted.
She's a diplomat of Franklin and Marshall College in the fall.
So LN to one and done.
Did the research, visited 4 colleges, 2 she went back for interviews.
Had her requirements and charted their positives and negatives.
She had several close (might as well be family) advisors along with her Mama.
Made her decision and applied.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So much...

                                                   Nothing exciting here but some nose bleeds.
I had to buy a humidifier for the house.
The air is so dry LN is getting nosebleeds and S and I are always stuffed up.
Nothing exciting about that.
Otherwise just getting ready for the 25th like everyone else.
LN is waiting to hear about Early Decision to Franklin & Marshall College.
They said she would know by the 15th.
That is tomorrow and nada so far.
No snail mail or email as of todays post.
LN is not pleased.
The tension is crazy.
I do not like it.
Her whole life should not hinge on this.
This could ruin holidays or make them great.
That is a helluva seesaw to ride.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OK, Found em...

All the pictures I thought I lost when my laptop crashed I have found.
Apparently Google has every picture I ever downloaded from my camera.
Even what I have edited and or deleted.
Hmmm... Kinda like Big Brother is watching me.
Lil creepy...
Don't care since they are found.
Now how do I get them back on my computer?
I'm sure she'll know, she knows everything!
Techno related anyhoo, well mostly or she can figure it out.
That's frustrating to me.
I gotta figure it out meself, ya know.
One of my lost ones hahhahaha.
At least I can download to here.
Back later..
When IDK I'm heavy into scholarship mode and college app territory.
Send help please.....