Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow day stuff...

We have had about 6" of  fat, fluffy snow today.
It's been a relaxing day.
Traffic was quiet for once so outside was tranquil and pretty.
 I worked on a crochet project someone requested.
J wanted a set of slippers on flip flop bottoms to use around her college dorm.
One done after frogging back first attempt a few times.

I used an ice pick to poke initial holes on her old pair of flops minus the thong.

The pattern I used was not specific enough.

Hence the frogging and improve of it all.

One more to go.
Since I can't find the mobile app to post off my IPhone 7 I am slowing down blogging.
This is a table runner I made few weeks before Christmas.
I like blues so this snowman with blue accents was a winner.

I backed it with this fun, colorful corduroy.
Very 60's to me but I like the color.
I reversed it after holidays to bring some color to the old blanket chest coffee table.
The blue bubbles fabric on the binding was interesting choice.
What do you think clashing or works?
I choose works.

 Sorry these are crappy phone pictures in the dark.
Happy snow day ya'll.


  1. Those slippers on the flip flops . . . golldang, you're crafty!

    I think the "bubble" fabric works, too.

    Glad you got a snow day!

    1. It wasn't like your snow but a little break was fun.

  2. Great idea! Shared with my friend on the cattle ranch right up her alley.

    1. I was sent pattern from a friend. Keep passing it on!