Sunday, February 19, 2017


I had a ewe with large bag (seemed like edema) I've been watching closely. I put her up last night in big stall inside so she could birth alone if needed. I checked her at 4:30. Nothing, laying down chewing and breathing normal. I came inside and read. Went out about 7:45 and found two rams. One up and hunting for breakfast. Her udder has so much swelling he will struggle to get some but hopefully he persists. If not I'll help soon. The other ram was huge but dead. She cleaned him off but no life.  I feel guilty. I don't like going out early yo feed on Sundays. As soon as I open the door everyone starts screaming. S gets in late Saturday from an auction he goes too. I let him sleep in some if I can.  What if I was out earlier to check instead of worrying about him or finishing one more chapter in my book? I know, I know but ... Just sad... I struggle with this as I only have smaller size flock. I might not notice if I had more? Yesterday the guys building S's garage came back. After an hour one side of roof was mostly done. By days end the siding up to eaves was done on three sides. I left at noon to go work for CPA till 6pm. I see they left skid steer so maybe they will be back Monday with it being holiday. The young man in charge works for another contractor so he only works here on Saturdays so far.


  1. Oh, shoot, Lisa, you just can't go on hindsight or berate yourself for what coulda/shoulda/mighta been if you had done things differently. It's not like the last time you checked on your ewe she was in labor and you just ignored her. But I think we all do the same kind of self-blaming in those situations. I still feel bad about the one of our two very first dairy goats who kidded, delivered the kid encased in the sack, she ignored it and, of course, it died. If only I had checked on her sooner. Yep, we all have regrets when an animal in our care doesn't make it. Let it go and don't blame yourself for this one.

    The new shed is going up fast.

    1. MamaPea
      I do logically that is the truth of it. However I still feel that way every time. Thanks for setting me straight lady!
      The shed is going quick with 4-6 men crew working on it at a time. They have built so many they have an efficient system worked out. Kinda cool to see how they streamline things.

  2. So sorry to hear you lost one. I know it was always hard for us during kidding season (when we had dairy goats). One doe was sold from Peanut one year. Later in life the owner called and said she died because her birth canal was too small to give birth (both were put down to put them out of misery). Peanut now lives on a farm, and is not bred anymore.