Thursday, March 30, 2017

Make it loose ...

They say...

So I cast on over two dpn's as suggested.

It seems loose which will still fit one of us. Two of us have above average sized calfs. I also think after washing they will tighten up a bit.

Time to conquer the other one .  I've cast on the same so these will match size wise.

I enjoy knitting but do not have much free time. Thusly this took forever. Those who say socks are quick knots haven't met me. 

Overall for the first time knitting socks and using dpn's I'm pleased. Next pair I'll probably cast on using one needle though. 

Monday, March 13, 2017


19 is the number.
After mailing off a scholarship at school today LN has 19 to go.
Over the next few months she will be busy with AP exams and soccer, 4-H contests and scholarships.
I help with the basic information and the ones needing typed out.
I had to resurrect my old typewriter.
I think handwritten is sloppy looking, not professional enough.
So I type away...
Night and Day...
See I have a sense of humor I swear.
Off to update the excel list.
Gosh I wish he was here to help or just to stare at.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Windy as...

all get out here today.
It's 50* but feels like 39* from the wind.
Tomorrow is s-day #1.
Surgery for my 91 yr old mom-n-law.
She has poor circulation in her remaining leg.
They are going through her stump to femoral artery and over to other leg to put a stent in.
91 yrs old!
They say it's day surgery so fingers, toes and all appendages crossed they are right.
S-day #2 will commence soon.
Soon as all qualifying referrals are complete my Dad is having his hip replaced.
He will be 76 in few months.
Having had a major heartattack, defibulator, pacemaker, few strokes, and still going to operate.
Hopefully modern medicine works miracles.
Words can't describe what I feel for this old man.
It's hard to watch my "hung the moon" Dad fade from what he has always been.
To me it's harder than raising the most troublesome kid.
At least most of the (time) you know kid will mature and age out of trouble.
Aging is opposite to me.
Circle of life stinks.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Utter and Total Chaos...

I don't have time to blog or read blogs.
Utter chaos is my life right now.
Swapped by scholarships, soccer tryouts, second job at CPA, horrible warm weather giving animals pneumonia and killing them , let alone regular chores and skirtwork, crap don't forget my own taxes.
Utter Chaos...
Be back after this passes sometime in the future.
Till then I wish I were here ...
Or really anywhere but here.