Friday, April 28, 2017


Events have happened I can not share but it's sad.

Two different family members have said "I'm just waiting for it to be over". Each said it for different unrelated reasons. 

It's sad to think we live with things just "to get it over with". What kind of life is that? 

Are we meant to just survive? Not enjoy? 


  1. I think life doesn't mean much if we don't gain joy or true happiness from it. Even if you have all the money you want, all the recognition (if that is what you seek), if whatever you have in your life doesn't give you joy or happiness while providing contentment and peace it's meaningless.

    There are rough spots for everyone to work through now and then but if one's whole life just feels generally "bad," it's time for a change. Unfortunately, change is H-A-R-D and many find it "easier" to stay in a joyless rut of a life.

    Sending hugs to you, my friend.

    1. Just an observation I overheard from two people. I don't get the whole thing. Life's too short MamaPea.

  2. That is sad. Life is so precious and, for all we really know, this is IT. So I am with you - if your life is not fulfilled, go out and make it so.