Tuesday, May 16, 2017

love this kid...

Senior night at soccer last week.

Honor cord ceremony last night.
She is such a great kid.
Just a good person down to her soul.
She always does the right thing with no prompting.
Def didn't inherit my craziness thank goodness.
Dang look out....
She's going to light up the world!


  1. The "great kid" has a LOT to do with the way you raised her. Make no mistake about that!! Kudos to you both.

    1. Nope MamaPea she's not mean like I am. She's sensitive and kind till it doesn't work then she's tough. I missed the soft sensitive part and jump right to mean. It's my dads worst regret he thinks he did something wrong. He didn't I just skipped that gene. I try but it's not natural like it is for LN.