Tuesday, July 4, 2017

All American

LN & I left last Wednesday for the All American Junior Sheep Show in Madison Wisconsin.
It was a bit over 900 miles from our house.
It took about 15 hours to drive.
Mostly in the dark on the way out.

Many tunnels across Pennsylvania Turnpike as seen through constantly dirty windows.

See the ewe's head position?
This was the best she behaved on the leather halter for leadline lineup.
At one point she climbed on top of LN.
Shortly thereafter LN decided to pull out of that class.
Now we need to clean her outfit sadly of oils and wool .

She substituted the 3 mon old lamb for showmanship.
Although she behaved well for first time ever shown LN couldn't compete with older ewes most juniors showed.
She was pleased with the lambs behavior overall

Her Lincoln Longwools behaved well.
She placed with each and in her pairs class.
She knows how to improve and the work she needs to do. 

Oddly her yearling ewe acted fine when she is lead and set by hands only.

Because the announcer didnt broadcast her upcoming class in the stall area
LN scooted into class very late.
She pulled off a 4th but unsure if she'd place better if not so late?
Who knows maybe wishful parental thinking.

Can I go home now?

We are ready to ride!

She held that passenger seat down very well.

On the way home we passed a hundred or more windmills in Illinois and Indiana.
Delaware has one near the beach.
The first state has some catching up to do I think.

Pretty skies on the way home.
Long drive and show but good experience.


  1. Wow. That's a long ride. Looks like you both enjoyed it though.

    1. well yes and no on enjoyment... LN enjoyed it I came down with a kidney infection so didnt enjoy as much Kristina

  2. Quite the adventure you two had! And you must have had to pull a trailer the whole way? Or is your vehicle an all-in-one affair with the animals in the back? I don't think I'd be brave enough to pull a trailer over that many miles!

    1. MamaPea this time I didnt take the trailer. Friends going to the show hauled the sheep. I hauled the trailer and took theirs to Kentucky last fall.