Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time to fly...

LN is moved in to Franklin and Marshall and goodbye has been said. I'll see her Friday to go to a livestock show over the weekend. 

Chilling and setting up wifi...

Desk becoming a makeup center. She's will nest in her bed to study or go elsewhere.

Posters and lights make everything bright!

I'm in hotel after going to small town fair.

Tomorrow flea markets before heading home .

I'm exhausted ...

Night all!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Strong and Tough

We spent last night before LN is moved to college working of course.

Tub washing sheep for MD state fair next weekend, cleaning nasty pen, killing wasps and mud dabbers by the ton, cussing, arguing, laughing, and generally causing grief all around.

No pictures because we were all working and wet and occasionally wearing manure.

Truck is packed and ready.

R was here helping tonight and saying goodbye. They are really close .

Z will be here at 5:50 am to say goodbye. He's a toughy but inside he cares.

Grandparents were visited today.

Her best friend is here now for last hugs.

Tomorrow she flies...

Tough and strong (and occasionally mean) just like I want her to be.

Life's not humble and kind.

Kick a** kid!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


She's 18 today. 

No words are enough to explain my love for 


Beautiful inside and out!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I'm not sure what to write about.
Lots of things going on.
Packing for LN to run away to college makes my house chaotic.

I am going to miss her but I'm excited for her to start this chapter.
She's a smart cookie and is so levelheaded.
I hope she embraces the experiences on the way and has some fun to boot.
Her big brother Z keeps saying she will be drunk the first weekend.
He annoys her to no end.
She may but most likely won't.

The tuition scholarship trip to F and M last week was disappointing.
She will lose scholarship money she busted her butt to win to pay a trustee grant off instead of having a balance left over for sophomore year.
It's frustrating that scholarship committees write checks to colleges to do with as they will.
I know why it happens and know a few students who were not responsible with their money.
 Just for this kid I disapprove.
She will not have scholarships available in the next three years like she has now.
Organizations seem to think lets help your freshman year then you are on your own.
She has had some deferrals and checks sent to her.
Those are squirreled away for upcoming years.
I know I sound ungrateful and I am not.
It is a nice problem to have I am aware so don't judge.

Otherwise I'm still fighting the side effects from being sick all July.
The sulphur drug tore me apart.
I now know I am sensitive or flat out allergic to sulphur drugs .
The sensitivity to sunlight is horrible considering it is SUMMER.
I get headaches quickly.
I am out the other side so am taking it in stride as much as I can. 

I wish I was here!