Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Braces Wednesday

Today was 1st brace day for LN.
Top braces went in, bottoms in 2 months. No pain or discomfort and it happened quickly.
She doesn't do pain so that was a bonus.
So funny to see her fidget with her mouth all night and look in the mirror.
Totally comfortable with Train Tracks, Metal Mouth, Brace Face comments.
She was giving some of them to me too!
Thank goodness she is only one of five to require them also.
My wallet appreciates that.
Sadly this picture explains how LN and I feel about Fleck.
 I don't know if he was kicked in the head  and his wires are scrambled or what happened.
His mom kicked him a few times because she was sore but only half-heartedly as she moved away from his sharp teeth but I didn't see any damage that I knew of.
I do know his mom won't let him nurse and didn't miss him when I took him to the house to give milk replacer and warm him up a couple of times.
He just seems listless with his eyes closed and all hunched over no matter how much milk he swallows.
No hollering at all from her.
I think she needs to join another family or life after she weans remaining 2 kids.
I let Fleck go tonight to the auction to sell  to be  bottle raised. He wasnt thriving with me and maybe someone else will have better luck.
I couldn't put him down but couldn't keep him either. 
Sad thing is he's been gone for 5 hours and his mom doesn't miss him at all. 
In other news..

What's a fashionable 12 yr old to wear when she washes her steer on a cold, windy day you ask?
Why everything I say.
She had carharrt bibs on over sweats and my rubber insulated gloves with her brothers plastic pants over her rain boots .
She hates being cold when the spray flys.
Good kid though she stuck with it for over 4 hours after school.
Washing and blowing him out and helping the guy who clipped and fitted him.
The chili in the crockpot I made earlier was appreciated greatly that night.

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