Monday, February 13, 2012

Favorite Room has this link upgoing...

For the Love of... My Favorite Room is
Sewing Room of course
It's a room my husband and I built in the basement when we had all 5 kids still around. The girls shared the room upstairs. Our craftsman style 1915 house technically only has 2 bedrooms  so with 5 younguns we needed more space.
Now it's mine...and everyone elses" craft/excersise/den
But Still...

one side with sewing machine and bookcase overfilled with paint for crafts and kids sears mini old sewing machine and tins of buttons and serger, iron, cool tin lamp and gobs of quilt & cross stitch books

opposite wall has table I cut and pin on, TV for when I'm bored (left over from R when she had her bedroom here before she married) Dresser has patterns and stuff in drawers
open closet area has bins of fabric, spinning wheel I need a refresher course in, radio cause I love me some tunes and R's clothes she didn't want to deal with!
Right in the Middle in the way is the
Queens Chair
LN & I use it if we watch TV or I handsew or knit down there
it folds up when it annoys me

That's it, if you want to share go to A Pairie Sunrises' blog to link up!

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