Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hallmark Day!

Happy Commercialized Hallmark Florist Making A Killing
Only Way To Know If You're Significant Other Cares
 Cause They Bought U Overpriced Stuff Day !

Litlle jaded I know but other 364 days a year is when you should know whether he  cares and loves you not today.
Course S being cheapskate only buys me auction stuff  anyhow
and these flowers were on "special" Sunday when he went to Sam's Club
but it's the thought that counts.
Course what that thought is
is another thing....
Ok enough mushy stuff lol

This is the Red Velvet Crepe Cake
LN made last night as a possiblity for her 4-H Favorite Foods Contest
coming up at beginning of March.  She usually does a dessert although main dishes , appetizers, etc are allowed and judged by catergory.
Member makes a recipie they serve to judge and answer questions about
how they made it and are judged by apperance, taste, techniques, difficulty, etc. 
It needs a few changes but overall she liked it , frying cake batter like crepes was fun to her.
LN has to have a single place setting and centerpiece to go with her entry
I'm stumped this year, maybe red/white/blue theme?
This goes with Valentine's Day pretty good though.
Also need garnish for cake top or around bottom on plate
Maybe ... Oh I Don't Know

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