Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Baccckkkkkkk....

I'm back after major issues with Windows and Internet Explorer.
I think I have it fixed but I'm not sure.
Yes I admit I'm on Facebook and I played Words With Friends. Therein seems to be my issue.
The game must hate my computer and threw nasty issues into my Windows program that wouldn't repair. So off to Tom my computer guy I went. Presto 120.00 later and issues adverted.
 So me being smart like this comes home and boots up.
I went to FB and to Words game and yep there it was. I have quit the game and resigned to all partners. Hopefully that solves it and my minute in the program didn't reinfest everything.
Time will tell. 
Busy Busy Weekend here. 4-H obligations on the Community service side, last indoor soccer game, and sewing on LN's outfit.
Off to show dump truck driver where to dump soil to fill in holes cows made.
Hope it solves the "low spot when it rains pond" issue.

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