Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm so mad and sad.

I had to make a decision to end Festus' life last night. Now it turns out I'm the one responsible for his seizure and eventually death. I didn't know that he was eating something he couldn't digest. I'm sorry and sad to lose Festus. He was a good friend and companion to all our calves and lived quietly ;] with our cows for 10 years. He'll be missed by the whole surrounding neighborhood. His brays and heehawing are legendary around here. 22 isn't old but he lived it well till yesterday.
I have a kid not doing well. He must have been off teat for awhile but I couldn't tell. I'm sorry for that too. I let him in my kitchen for 5 hrs. He slept by heater vent after drenching with milk replacer and then sucking some from a bowl. He stood up after 5 hrs and screamed and peed everywhere while hollering for his mom. I put him back outside with his mom but will be feeding him replacer every few hours.
I'm also responsible for waking up to a 7 month pregnant cow aborting/slipping calf/fetus. Apparently we have disease here (from some old herds of roping steers) I should have vaccinated for but I didn't know about it till now. Another 1st time heifer is 3 weeks from due date. I pray .... she makes it safely with a live healthy birth. You can bet I'll be vaccinating for alot this spring. I feel so responsible.
SOB I'm mad and sad. I know now but why didn't person who knew tell me before this?
Or about Festus eating issues?
I can't stand to hurt or see animals in pain. Decisions need made. Alot of deaths and sickness that should have been preventable need accountability solved.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your livestock problems. It's hard to admit that we were the cause, or at least contributing factor, in the death of a farm animal. I lost one of my milking does to just plain stupidity one year; she suffered for two days before we put her down. But we did learn something, and now are more attentive and have more meds on hand and vaccinate against many issues.

    Let these things become a lesson learned. A hard one, but still one that can be learned from.