Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes Sireeee Bob

Yes Sireeeee Bob !
The last ewe delivered 2- 14# ewe lambs this morning around 6:30 am.
LN went to feed her cows before getting ready for school and found or hear them.
They were still smoking as the wetness evaporated and mama licked them to death.
I love me some lambs!

Yesterday S and I
filled in hole in front of arena cows water trough.

It was 9-12 in down from original ground leval and hard for younger stock
to drink from bottom half of trough.
This is a tree root completely uncovered.

A few loads of packing dirt later we had this...

I know they'll dig it out again with their weight and erosion but for now...
before we did this we did this so they would leave me alone to shovel all the dirt
it makes them all HAPPY and with their mouths so busy I can work easier

TaDa ! Happy Campers!

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