Wednesday, March 14, 2012

16 loads and a Surprise

16 loads later and the inside goat pen is stripped to dirt and sprayed. 
I only used 3 bales of straw so how is that possible?
Some of the nannies are showing bare patches of skin especially on their legs.
So I doused them with lice/fly/tick meds. Wendy's  leg is worst and her topline is wet here where I was roughing it up to soak in the meds .
They were not thrilled. I even did kids with a much smaller dosage.
They were definentely not thrilled either.
 I figured guess I better spray their inside pen as well. Hopefully it solves the issue.
Another crappy by product of no cold spells this winter to kill diseases.
When I came inside tired and sore on my hands from my 16 should have been 20 heavy loads
I found this waiting...

Mama Pea @ A Home Grown Journal sent me my Pay It Forward !

So cool , a trivet or giant coaster she crocheted. I love the colors.
She included a nice handwritten note.
You made my day Mama Pea!
I recieved an email last night telling me to look for a package. I assumed a few days since she is so far away from me. The USPS did a fast turn around on this deal.
Good Deal and a Good Day!

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