Saturday, March 31, 2012

Basket Auction

Our county held their fundraiser Basket Auction for 4-H last night.
LN helped as part of Junior Council committee. I went for the food! Chicken Salad and Dumplings and Fried Oysters and Mashed Potatoes and .... Food Coma
She dressed all pretty to carry items through the crowd and help organize silent auction for kids.
They were very competitive bidding for Zhu-Zhu? pets and coloring books.
Of course LN had no issue dressing up to promote the Mexican themed basket with her friends.
Today is dreary rainy day but 
Soccer anyhow, Soccer always, Soccer dreams, Soccer forever!
This was last springs picture LN still kicks it , competitive  girl I have!
I'm not complaining either, I put out some moolah for travel team, she puts out effort and then some!
One PROUD Mama! 

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