Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Busy

Meet Bernie Bernard!
LN picked up her 1st pig, a barrow which is a castrated male pig.
This is her market hog. We still need to find another one but he's a start. He loves animal crackers.
The steer and heifer on the other side of lattice work do NOT like him.
They'll learn.
We started LN showing hogs 3 years ago when 4 years ago R was showing her steer.
She had to lead him through the 100 or so hog pens at the fair to get to the show ring.
The steer was dead broke until that moment, he picked R up and threw her into hog pens. It took 4 big guys to hold him down and force him fighting all the way through the hogs. Going back was worse. R cracked a rib and was bruised.  She had to take him back through 2 days later for Auction. Same issues, Same results. Solution - LN bought  hog next year and we penned them inside steer pen.
Has worked for 3 years so we're keeping it going. Of course now LN loves to show hogs so that helps. 
Not sure she's crazy about showing beef but she'll try and we'll re-evaluate after fair.

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