Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get up...

I hate when I hear "Get up, cows are out!".
Aparentently LN was mad her 2 she feeds in the morning before school wouldn't come inside .
She left a note I found after catching and returning them to their area. Within 5 minutes they had made it through the maze of our barn including stepping up 2 ft into main part and making a few tight turns to get outside near the road. The only thing stopping them from a full run was green grass alongside driveway.
S went around while I blocked other side of our horse shoe shaped drive and herded them back towards barn. The heifer is a squirrel but she ran straight through series of turns and steps down reentering their area. Johnny the steer slowly followed.
Seems LN in her anger didnt rechain a gate she went through attempting to bring them in.
Guess alls well that ends well. She will be hearing an earful tonight you can be assured.
Baby Bones as he has been dubbed looks 100% better.
Barely any turn to his left leg in this picture and hip isn't swollen anymore. I found red calf Ace under his mom yesterday though. I'll have to watch and make sure he's not sucking on her. Baby Bones needs all the milk so Ace may have to be seperated with his mom who has lots of milk too.
Since I was rudely awaken this morning I fed up earlier than usual and came back to house flipping  pushing and groaning open storms and dropping screens in half the windows.
I guess time for fresh chicken manure filled air blowing through the house since it's pushing 70* all week.
I'm hoping this causes the weather to turn cold if I open up everything.
A breeze would be nice no matter the smell.

The usual couple loads are up on the lines. Only difference is it is everything from shorts and tanks to jeans and long sleeves. Make up your minds!

I suspect the steer and heifer didn't cooperate with LN because of the heat. I drug the fan out and turned it on them , locking them in for the day. It's earlier than I usually start this but weather dictates. The steer need to start staying in so his coat doesn't sunburn an icky shade of red-brown.
I let them out after sunset and all night.
Today their stall is gross and needs cleaning but at least they are cooler. They actually feel wet to the touch during hot days. I don't want them to lose their hair coat either so cooling fans are on in March. 
Long hair is important in fitting process at fair.
Never this early before...

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