Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars...
I wouldn't tell anyone ever. I know who needs some and who just wants some!
I definently would NOT be living in Delaware. Too Flat, too humid, too many people!
I'd blow a wad on a large as I could piece of private mountainous ground in Montana, Wyoming or Utah.
No people, no congestion, no flat land, no humidity.
I would help out those who needed it. Hard to say who that would be.
I've needed for my whole life so I might just take care of me 1st.
Yep that's selfish I know. I should feel bad....I don't. Living hand to fist isn't bad. I'm used to it.
Whole point is mute cause it will NEVER happen anyway.
Just in case I have my remote ranch planned in my head, all the sheds and barns I will need.
My little house for me and LN. 
Probably won't take S with me though.
#1 He doesn't like mountains, cold or snow. #2 I do #3 I'm tired of compromising which is fancy for always giving in to his needs. #4 I don't want to. Period enough said...
Can you tell I'm frustrated? I am. Life is not as it should be.
I can't fix it now but I will.
I refuse to live my later years unhappy. LN is 12 in 7th grade so I have a few years.
I vow this will happen.

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