Thursday, March 22, 2012


Both the push mower and vacuum cleaner are not working.
Seriously me and lawn mowers don't mesh well at all. I only have small bits of yard and I can't keep any mower working for a season let alone a few. I have new gas and spark plug but no matter if I pull my arm completely out of the socket it won't fire. I hate that new mowers can't be worked on, everything is sealed up like it's a crime to allow homeowners to tinker. Of course it wouldn't matter to S he thinks mowing is a crime itself. I do it all or it doesn't get done.
When I moved here 20 years ago he fenced off the driveways at the road and turned cows out to mow.
I was warned but didn't believe when he said" I don't mow, or do vehicle maintenance or clean or cook or do anything for personal lives." I believe now and I believe later I will.... Oh never mind.
Vacuum cleaner is another story.
I paid full retail price for dyson "it cant lose suction". Bull crap!
My does frequently. I paid a shark to tune it up and its worse. Makes me want to break something or someone more to the point. I'm tired of doing all this myself.
Help a little or call it like it is!
Stupid red calf gets out now daily. I don't know where either. I patched what I thought was the hole but no it wasn't, it was only one I found.
Sun's shining. Oh Joy! Like we won't pay with a miserably hot humid summer filled with bugs.
That's all the happiness I got for today.
Off to watch scrimmage LN's team is playing. Then back for more joy and sunshine!
Yippee Skippy   !!! 

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